QIMA/WQS Quality Seals

Clear communication at the point of sale that your product and process meet your customer's specific requirements

The products consumed by us available in the market have different origins, after all, competition is much greater today than in the past. And in the past, it was certainly much easier to have a reference of the production process of that product, which nowadays makes it difficult due to the amount of brands and options available. In addition to this distance from the production process, food choices, as well as diet options due to dietary restrictions or of their own volition, were exponentially expanded.

For this reason, it is necessary for someone to certify where the food comes from and assess whether it is respecting the criteria that determine the characteristic offered, from origin to packaging, to the point of sale. Like a protection of your choice, a guarantee that she's consuming something really safe.

QIMA/WQS offers a range of Quality Seals that clearly attest to the specifications of a product you want to consume, which ensure that your choice will be legitimate indeed.

What is the value of Quality Seals?

To receive a Quality Seal, the producer or manufacturer is audited by QIMA/WQS which checks if all the necessary requirements are met for certification. Thus, the manufacturer can obtain the seal when certified.

Having a Quality Seal enhances the image of any organization, highlighting the product on the shelf. This is because the seal conveys the message that the company was concerned with the quality and safety of the entire food process to meet the requirements demanded by its consumers. Our seals, supported by our consistent certification and auditing work, result in differentiating your product, making it reach a premium market.

We currently work with four seals, for the most varied segments, they are:

What do the QIMA/WQS Quality Seals attest?

The Quality Seal means that the food producer or manufacturer sought a specialized company to certify the veracity of the information that the Seal carries and verify that all the requirements of the protocol for food safety have been met.

The company that performs this type of assessment seeks to be committed to the safety of its consumer, the continuous improvement of its processes, in addition to transmitting transparency in its production process.

Why get Quality Seals?

See what are the benefits of QIMA/WQS Quality Seals:

  • Offers an opportunity to showcase the strict auditing and certification process your company undergoes;
  • It is applied to the product packaging and communicates clearly and directly with its consumer;
  • Large retailers and food industries prioritize working with suppliers and producers that already have food safety protocols;
  • It makes the company more transparent and aligned with ethical and sustainability values ​​that govern the global market today;
  • It demonstrates that your product has a differential from your competitor;
  • Gain prominence at the point of sale.

Why choose QIMA/WQS Quality Seals?

  • Our team with over 30 years of experience in the food industry supply chain is ready to deliver quality end-to-end solutions for your business.
  • Specialized in the food sector, with a structure designed to start your service quickly and be available to answer any questions that may arise along the way.
  • Experienced, multi-program approved local auditors specializing in all areas of food quality and safety.
  • More than 9,000 satisfied customers at all stages of the food chain are proof of the quality, dedication and success offered by QIMA/WQS.