Raised Cage Free Certification

Show your commitment to a high standard of hen care by obtaining Raised Cage Free certification for your egg and poultry production.

About The Cage-Free Certification

Today’s consumers and regulators place increasingly high animal welfare demands on farmers and food manufacturers. After the backlash against battery cage farming of chickens, the well-being of poultry is under particular scrutiny. It is now a major concern for companies involved in raising chickens to make sure that the animals on their farms are well cared for.

QIMA/WQS can help you demonstrate your commitment to a high standard of hen care by achieving certification under the Raised Cage Free Certification scheme, developed by QIMA/WQS in partnership with PAC (Preparation Audit Consultants).

QIMA/WQS Raised Cage Free Audit Process

The QIMA/WQS Cage-Free audit process aims to ensure that animals being raised for food are treated with respect and properly cared for during their lives. The process covers the following aspects:

  • Corporate Commitment
  • Training and Emergency Plan
  • Nutrition and Feeding
  • Comfort and Shelter
  • Health Care and Monitoring
  • Flock Husbandry
  • Slaughter and Processing Facility

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Why Choose QIMA/WQS for Raised Cage Free Certification?

  • A team with over 30 years of experience in the food industry supply chain, ready to deliver end-to-end solutions to your business.   
  • Specialized in the food industry, with a structure designed to facilitate and expedite the complex certification process and support you every step of the way.  
  • We count with local experienced food auditors approved for multiple schemes specializing in all food safety quality areas. 
  • More than 9,000 satisfied clients at every stage of the food supply chain.