Fresh Produce Inspections

Fresh produce is a sensitive product category that requires fast shipping and proper storage. Any delay in your supply chain or a disruption in storage conditions can seriously impair your product’s quality. For a fresh produce supplier, it is equally important to check the condition of their inventory at departure from the farm or packaging facility and upon its arrival at the destination.

WQS provides specialized inspections for fresh fruit and berries, vegetables, nuts, grains and cereals. We will check the quality of your produce before it’s shipped, and will be at your destination to inspect it again after transit.

Our specialized inspectors will check your produce to ensure its quality before and after shipping:

  • Condition of inventory: ensure that products can be shipped safely
  • Temperature control: check and monitor post-harvest temperature and storage conditions for your produce
  • Orders supervision: to help you sort and dispatch your produce orders
  • Re-packing supervision

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