Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification enables you to demonstrate the commitment to food safety and customer satisfaction, reinforcing the institutional image and following the market’s continuous evolution.

HACCP is an internationally accepted system, and is documented by Codex Alimentarius, which defines the requirements for food safety effective control. HACCP supports companies in managing hazards related to food safety/hygiene and, systematically, identifies such hazards by establishing control parameters on critical points during the food production process.

What this means for your facility is: by utilizing this proven system, you will reduce the risk of outbreaks or contamination of your product. This saves you downtime, lost revenue, costly lawsuits, harm and to your customers, while improving your efficiency, output, quality, and reputation. Required for a number of other schemes, HACCP training is the cornerstone of most food safety programs.

Currently available through TrainToComply, our sister company, HACCP training is available in regional live trainings as well as online via the TrainToComply E-learning platform. Both Basic HACCP and HACCP Alliance approved certification courses are available with a basic subscription.