BRC Global Standards

Developed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), it is a commercial organization of the United Kingdom Which Represents the interests of its retailers; BRC Global Standard – Food – was created to establish themselves the standard for due diligence and approval of the suppliers. The Standard Has Been Adopted by food manufacturers worldwide. The certification for this standard helps manufacturers, brand owners and retailers Fulfill Their statutory obligations and protect Consumers. The standard covers a comprehensive scope of product safety areas, as well as due diligence and Legal Responsibilities for Both suppliers and retailers.

WQS is the only Brazilian company recognized and accredited by BRC, and it has auditors in Brazil which makes the certification easier and feasible for several food companies. BRC certificate is a requirement for the food intending to trade in markets of the United Kingdom and Europe companies.

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    BRC Global Standard for Food

    Is developed by food industry experts from retailers, manufacturers and food service organizations to ensure it is rigorous and detailed, yet easy to understand. It provides a framework to manage product safety, integrity, legality and quality, and the operational controls for these criteria in the food and food ingredient manufacturing, processing and packing industry.

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    BRC Global Standard for Storage & Distribution

    Provides the essential certification link between the range of BRC Global Standards manufacturing Standards and the end user, such as the retailer or the food service company.

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    BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials

    Packaging is a fundamental part of any brand. It defines product integrity, security and drives innovation. Consumers are attracted to strong and recognisable products that need to be consistent in size, colour and shape. Packaging is therefore an integral part of the manufacturing process. The BRC Packaging Standard can be used by any manufacturer producing packaging materials for all types of products - from food to consumer products - at all levels: primary, secondary and tertiary.