BRCGS Plant-Based Certificate

QIMA/WQS ofrece la certificación basada en plantas para productos que se han fabricado o preparado en el sitio donde se realizó la auditoría e incluirá instalaciones de almacenamiento que están bajo el control directo de la administración del sitio de producción.

The popularity of plant-based food products and plant-based meat alternatives is growing rapidly. In response to increased exposure of the negative impacts of industrial farming methods on the environment and animal welfare, as well as the effects of a meat-based diet on overall health, consumers are choosing more plant-based foods every day.

According to SPINS retail data from April 2021, sales of plant-based meat alternatives in the US grew by 27 percent over the previous year alone, amounting to what is now a $7 billion market. Meat producers and vegan food companies alike are launching plant-based meats, investing in plant-based start-ups, and collaborating with other companies to create new brands. Food service companies have introduced plant-based entrees to drive sales and nearly all of the world’s biggest food producers have added plant-based products to their portfolio.

BRCGS Plant-Based Certification Value 

Many consumers who choose plant-based meat alternatives want to know that they are indeed meatless, that they have not been cross-contaminated with animal products during the manufacturing process, and that they do not contain potential allergens. BRCGS Plant-Based Food Certification tells your customers that your plant-based food products are of the highest quality and ensures transparency on all types of food substances addressed through the BRCGS Plant-Based Global Standard.

In many cases, voluntarily provided food information is confusing and uses terms that are not universally recognized. The BRCGS Plant-Based Global Standard seeks to strike a balance between mandatory and voluntary information, increasing consumer confidence in plant-based products and in their buying decisions. Developed by industry experts with input from retailers, manufacturers, and food service organizations, the requirements are rigorous and detailed, yet easy to understand.

Principles of the Plant-Based Global Standard

The BRCGS standard goes farther than others, such as The Vegan Society and VegeCert, by using a management system approach that reduces risk and creates greater brand confidence. Merely reviewing a list of ingredients is not enough. Evaluating end-to-end processes onsite confirms that companies are effectively managing the entire production process.

BRCGS Plant-Based Certification ensures the absence of animal inputs in plant-based products through the manufacturing, processing, and packaging of the following:

  • Manufacturers’ brands of processed foods
  • Processed foods that will be rebranded prior to retail sale (customer brands)
  • Ingredients for use by food service, catering, and food manufacturing companies
  • Pet foods (under GFSI benchmarked schemes only)
  • Natural health products

Through BRCGS’s strict auditing and assurance processes, under the guidance of experienced QIMA/WQS team members, you can prove your organization’s commitment to plant-based production and sourcing by earning certification under the BRCGS Plant-Based Global Standard.

Why Do You Need BRCGS Plant-Based Certification?

  • Add value to your products, access new markets, and increase business opportunities by complying with a globally recognized standard that validates your plant-based products.
  • Reduce your exposure to risks impacting brand reputation associated with failure to meet consumer expectations regarding the absence of animal inputs.
  • Improve your plant-based position by correcting identified non-conformities.
  • Continuously improve the efficiency of your production processes and management systems while increasing the availability of truly plant-based products.
  •  Plant-Based Certification complements GFSI-benchmarked Standards, further affirming your product quality.

Why Choose QIMA/WQS for BRCGS Plant-Based Certification?

  • QIMA/WQS offers the BRCGS Plant-Based Global Certification to support food manufacturing businesses, protect brand reputation, mitigate risk, and showcase plant-based products.
  • Our team with over 30 years of experience in the food industry supply chain is ready to deliver end-to-end quality solutions to your business.
  • We specialize in food and agriculture industries, with a structure designed to facilitate and expedite complex certification processes and support you every step of the way.
  • QIMA/WQS counts with locally experienced food auditors approved for multiple schemes across all food safety, quality, and sustainability areas.
  • Comprehensive global compliance ensures audit consistency.
  • More than 9,000 satisfied clients at every stage of the food supply chain are proof of the quality, dedication, and success offered by QIMA/WQS.

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