Gluten-Free Food Program Certification

Certification through QIMA/WQS under the Gluten Free Food Program assures consumers that your gluten-free products meet the highest industry standards.

The Gluten Free Food Program (GFFP) certification program is endorsed by the National Celiac Association and provides a competitive advantage to certified companies as an indication that your products meet standards acceptable to consumers with the lowest tolerance to gluten. The program also seeks to help you reduce expenses while increasing efficiency in your gluten-free food production operations.

GFFP Gluten-free Certification Value 

The benefits of implementing GFFP standards and best practices are recognized by the gluten-free community. The program has earned the trust of celiac and gluten-sensitive consumers by ensuring that participating companies adhere to strict gluten-free production processes to prevent the introduction of gluten into products. Requiring reviews by neutral auditors like QIMA/WQS further bolsters consumer confidence in GFFP certified products.

Beyond consumer interests, GFFP and QIMA/WQS are committed to your success as a producer of gluten-free products. Keeping certification affordable and delivering excellent customer service are top priorities, and the GFFP certification program is adaptable to your unique business requirements and manufacturing processes.

Principles of GFFP Standards for Products

GFFP gluten-free certification for products is based on globally accepted gluten-free safety procedures and quality controls:

  • For GFFP certification, all gluten-free products produced at a facility must contain less than 5 parts-per-million (ppm) of gluten, the level recommended by the National Celiac Association and significantly lower than FDA requirements.
  • GFFP standards address training, best practices, and preventative measures to avoid cross-contamination and the introduction of gluten into your products through the supply chain or production processes.
  • Products can be GFFP certified whether manufactured at gluten-free dedicated facilities or at non-dedicated facilities as long as they conform to GFFP standards.
  • The GFFP Certified Mark of Trust™ is available to brand owners who produce gluten-free products at a facility that is GFFP gluten-free certified.
  • Annual re-evaluation ensures ongoing certification under the GFFP program.
  • Through GFFP’s auditing and assurance processes, under the guidance of experienced QIMA/WQS team members, your organization can prove its gluten-free dependability and earn GFFP gluten-free certification.

Why Do You Need GFFP Certification?

  • Gain confidence and brand loyalty in the celiac community and from consumers who choose gluten-free products for health or other reasons.
  • Add value to your products by complying with the highest gluten-free safety standard that demonstrates your reliability in gluten-free food production.
  • Reduce your exposure to risks impacting brand reputation associated with failure to maintain consistent gluten-free production practices.
  • Continuously improve the efficiency of your production processes and management systems while improving gluten-free trustworthiness.

Why Choose QIMA/WQS for GFFP Certification?

Our team with over 30 years of experience in the food industry supply chain is ready to deliver end-to-end food safety solutions to your business.

We specialize in food and agriculture industries, with a structure designed to facilitate and expedite complex certification processes and support you every step of the way.

QIMA/WQS counts with locally experienced food auditors approved for multiple schemes across all food safety, quality, and sustainability areas.

More than 9,000 satisfied clients at every stage of the food supply chain are proof of the quality, dedication, and success offered by QMS/WQS.