Researchers uncover Salmonella Typhimurium diversity in Brazil

By Joe Whitworth on November 15, 2018 “Researchers in Brazil have found Salmonella is resistant to different classes of antibiotics and have identified genes responsible for that resistance. It was the first study of Salmonella Typhimurium strains isolated in Brazil that used Whole Genome Sequencing to access the genetic diversity and molecular bases of antimicrobial resistance. The variety and […]

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Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

Canada is recognized as having one of the strongest food safety systems in the world. But the speed, volume and complexity of food production have produced new risks and challenges – including new threats to food safety, changing consumer preferences and prevention-focused international standards. Responding to these challenges is critical to maintaining Canada’s reputation as a world […]

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United says it’s committed to food safety; wants safety exec’s case tossed

By Dan Flynn on November 7, 2018 United Airlines Inc. has managed to get a troublesome lawsuit moved from state to federal court where on Nov. 19 it will argue that the judge should dismiss the case before goes any further. The civil action was brought against United by Marcia Lee, who was from March 3 to Sept. […]

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EU agency looks at official and industry controls in Belgium

By News Desk on November 7, 2018 The third in a series of four reports on synergies of official controls with food business operators’ internal protocols has been published. It covers a fact finding mission to Belgium in Sept. 2017. Reports on Germany and the United Kingdom have already been released by the Directorate-General for Health and Food […]

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First Amazon Go locations demonstrate concept’s strong appeal

Cashierless stores unlikely to be direct competitor to supermarkets.   In the early going, Inc.’s cashierless Amazon Go store concept has proved highly productive but not likely a head-on competitor to grocery stores. Strategic advisory firm Brick Meets Click estimated sales per square foot of the first Amazon Go, opened to the public in […]

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