GLOBALG.A.P. Certification-What Are the Advantages?

Introduction to GLOBALG.A.P. The market requires producers to implement specific standards that ensure safe and sustainable agriculture. This is where third-party certifications like GLOBALG.A.P. play an important role.  GLOBALG.A.P.’s “Integrated Farm Assurance” standard is a reliable and reputable benchmark to demonstrate safety and sustainability in agricultural produce. Once certified, producers can sell their products locally and globally, giving them the upper hand when it comes to […]

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Our Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the global production chain including the manufacturing and production of food. As we continue to maneuver through this crisis, the food production chain has continued to operate in order to guarantee a continuous supply to people all over the world. As a result, the assurance of the production of […]

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Gene-ius! Study looks at preventing foodborne Salmonella infection

By News Desk on March 4, 2019 “Brazilian researchers are investigating which genes are important for the survival of Salmonella to help prevent foodborne infections in humans. The team from the School of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences at the State University of São Paulo (FCAV-UNESP) are looking at survival of the bacterial species Salmonella in the intestinal tract […]

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Romaine expected in stores soon; new labels with date, field information coming

Government and industry officials say new labels for romaine lettuce will help keep the public safe during events such as the current E. coli outbreak. But, most entities in the supply chain are not involved in the initiative and not all forms of romaine will carry the voluntary labels for consumers. Growers are working on […]

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Time for supermarkets to increase their private label game

At PLMA show, grocery veteran points to threat of deep discounters Russell Redman 1 | Nov 14, 2018 “Grocery retailers need a strong private brand offering as part of their game plan to compete in today’s fast-changing marketplace, former Kroger and Harris Teeter executive Fred Morganthall said this week in a keynote speech at the 2018 PLMA […]

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