EU agency looks at official and industry controls in Belgium

By News Desk on November 7, 2018 The third in a series of four reports on synergies of official controls with food business operators’ internal protocols has been published. It covers a fact finding mission to Belgium in Sept. 2017. Reports on Germany and the United Kingdom have already been released by the Directorate-General for Health and Food […]

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First Amazon Go locations demonstrate concept’s strong appeal

Cashierless stores unlikely to be direct competitor to supermarkets.   In the early going, Inc.’s cashierless Amazon Go store concept has proved highly productive but not likely a head-on competitor to grocery stores. Strategic advisory firm Brick Meets Click estimated sales per square foot of the first Amazon Go, opened to the public in […]

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Walmart opens test shop for new technologies

Walmart’s warehouse club, Sam’s Club is preparing to open the doors at a new Dallas area store that will serve as a testbed for the latest in retail technology. Specifically, the retailer will test out new concepts like mobile checkout, an Amazon Go-like camera system for inventory management, electronic shelf labels, wayfinding technology for in-store […]

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USDA Food Safety Tips for Winter Storm Prep

As a winter storm impacts northeast states, USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service shares food safety tips to keep in mind when preparing for a weather emergency. During Snow and Ice Storms: During a snowstorm, do not place perishable food out in the snow. Outside temperatures can vary and food can be exposed to unsanitary […]

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China’s hunger for Brazilian beef eases drop

Early trade figures for the start of the year indicate Brazil’s top beef markets, Hong Kong and China, eased the burden of falling sales over January and February. Two-month trade figures for the start of 2017 must be taken with a pinch of salt as they do not always reflect long-term patterns. Still, statistics revealing […]

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