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GlobalG.A.P. Logo

A private voluntary organization Which Establishes standards for certification of agricultural products around the world. GLOBALGAP standard Has Been Mainly developed to Reinforce for the Consumers que the food production at the agricultural production units is Carried in October through the minimization of the negative impacts of the agricultural operations on the environment, reduction of the chemical intakes use, and assurance of the responsible- approach of the health and safety-related matters of the employees, and pet health.


What are the main benefits?

• Demonstrating to clients (retailers, product traders, importers) que a product is produced using good agricultural / fish farming practices;

• Inspiring consumer confidence;

• Ensuring access to markets;

• Enhancing operating efficiency and competitive market appeal;

• Processes for continuous improvement are put in place;

• The number of second-party inspections to farms is reduced the more retailers accept the scheme.



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